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Grace-Trinity Academy Testimonials

  • I “heart” my child care program because…

    I “heart” my child care program because…

    …Everyone is professional, loving, caring, and very helpful. My daughter has attended GTA for a few years no and she loves it here. Thank you for EVERYTHING!”

    Rita E.

    … My daughter has learned so many things so fast, and she shares her knowledge with us when she comes home. She is very hands-on and wants to do things on her own these days. She is slowly understanding that she is becoming a big girl now and we are seeing it too. Great job to all the teachers who help Jordyn learn and grow every day!”

    Benita C.

    …My child feels secure and is cared for so lovingly. She always tells us the fun things that they learn at school. She is learning a lot everyday and we are happy to see her continue to do so.”

    Kim & Corrie B.
    I like to work at Grace Trinity Academy because it allows me flexibility in my teaching style and lets me to bring my experiences to children in the northeast. Teaching Pre-K here is a real treat since it allows me some opportunities to share what I loved growing up with children these days.

    Yours sincerely,
    Kristen D.